Spinning Cris

Originally I hale from the suburbs of Chicago Ill. I was born in East Chicago, Indiana. I was raised In Gary, Indiana (Yes, the home of Michael Jackson & No I never met him) and was educated in Hammond, Indiana.
I have always loved music & was fascinated with radio. It was at my sister’s wedding in 1979 when I TRULY discovered what a mobile DJ was. Growing up through Junior High (Middle School), I was that kid that stood next to the DJ Booth just studying the DJ at the school dances. The ultimate moment was when I was asked to DJ my high school Home Coming dance my senior year.
As far as radio influences, I grew up listening to Larry Lujack- Uncle Lar on WLS, Ed Volkman & Joe Bohanan (Eddie & Jobo) on B96 & Jonathan Bradmier & Dr. Demento on Chicago radio stations. As far as Club music, I was taken by the styles of Sugar Hill Gang, Kurtis Blow, Grand Master Flash, Melle Mel which led to the styles ofKool Herc, Frankie Knucles, Jazzy Jeff, Bobby D, Mickey “Mixin” Oliver & The Ultimate of Bad Boy Bill.

My style of music… Well… That’s a FULL Topic alone. I started with the 70’s funk, 80’s Pop & Original House Music however I have always been a Rocker at heart. I love my RUSH, Van Halen, Van Hagar, Metallica, White Snake with a splash of Journey, REO Speedwagon & Billy Idol. Not to forget the Classics of The Who, Black Sabbath, Led Zepplin & The Beatles. If you listened to my MP3, you would be surprised.

When I say I was trained by the “Old School”, I take pride that I learned from the likes of Michael J Lang & Mad Dog Mark McClain. I can not explain the Creative companionship which I’m honored to have with Super Dave Gonzalez. When you work with great people, you want strive for the best. Thruth be told, I was the Originator of the Roof Top Marathons. It was a crazy stunt however it’s a stunt that helps other people STILL to this day. The top 3 accomplishments of my life- I work in radio (That’s cool enough already), I have my family that REALLY supports me like my wife of 15 years & my 3 year old son and most important, the approval of my Mother who said, “Son, THIS is what your calling is.” She passed in 2008 due to a rare form of Leukemia.
I have worked in many different formats however Country is a format I am determined to understand & conquer. It’s challenging but it keeps me on my toes & I keep learning. My master plan is to ACTUALLY get good at mixing country to cater to my style. Not sure how but it is in the works.

 My 7 favorite things:

  • I LOVE FOOD! From Mexican to Italian to Greek to Good Ole American cuisines.
  • Movies, whether it be on DVD or going to the theater. I love movies.
  • Being with my family including my dog. I like being a homebody. Some of the BEST plans are made there.
  • MUSIC, from collecting to hearing to mixing it. From thinking of what to use in production to creating my funny twistedproducts from “The Mind Of Productions”.
  • Laughing- I LOVE to see comedians. That does NOT get old. Plus laughing with family & friends, LAUGHING A LOT!!!
  • Although it does not happen THAT often anymore, CLUBBING!! Every now & then to round up the boys to paint the town RED!! From Dance Clubs, to Bars, to Gentlemen Clubs, to Cigar Clubs (Yes, it’s gross however I enjoy a stogie every now & then) to Good Old Fashion Cantina’s. After 10AM, there really isn’t a bad time for a Beer & a Shot of Tequila. And ALL whiskey chasers are welcomed.
  • A disease I picked up from my Dad, I’m aworkaholic. I know that sounds WRONG but It’s REALLY hard for me to “TURN OFF” Work Mode. I actually enjoy working especially in radio. Maybe that’s why I’ve been doing this since 1991. It’s a little bit of everything from happy to sad to a little WOW but now you get to know a little bit of me.