Where you’re from?
I was born and raised in Laredo.

How did you start DJing?
My interest in radio began when I graduated from college. I was looking for a creative outlet and decided to shadow a college friend who was working at a local radio station. Our time together quickly became an internship and was a great experience. Once my internship ended, I found myself wanting to learn more about radio. A friendly run in with long time Big Buck Country DJ, Leo Garza, landed me aninterview with the station and I've been here ever since. My DJ experience began as a self improvement project and I continue to see every moment behind the microphone as an opportunity to grow.

Who are your influences?
My fellow Big Buck Country DJ's have highly influenced by DJ style. Their unique personalities and perspectives on "what makes good radio" have encouraged me to not mimic but create my own presence. Outside the station, I'd say my greatest influence is Ryan Seacrest. His charm and structured yet natural delivery are a great example of the kind of radio voice I like to hear and hope to provide for my listeners. I also really enjoy the rapidly fluid rhythm of hip hop DJs and announcers. That's where I picked up my speedy delivery style.

What genre of music do you play and what is your DJ style?
Our station is all about country music and I'm loving it. Before my time at Big Buck, country music was a casual genre for me. I knew the basics, George Strait, Shania Twain, Leann Rimes, Alan Jackson, but becoming better acquainted with all the excitement and emotion country has to offer has been a joy. My DJ style, I'd say, is high energy. I love to dance and sing along in between talking to our listeners. I like to keep that fun "weekend vibe" alive on my Sunday show.

List a few accomplishments or points of interest.
Bachelor's Degree in Communications from Texas A&M International University
Work at a Marketing & Public Relations office while not on the air
I sit on the Laredo Convention and Visitor Bureau Advisory Committee.
I am a member of the Chamber of Commerce Bienvenidos Committee and the Customer Service Committee.
Sang in school choirs from grade school all the way through college. I love music and singing.

Latest projects and direction
At the moment, I'm searching for a new exciting project. I have dreams of exploring voice acting, becoming a published writer, traveling, and expressing myself through every medium possible.

List 7 of your favorite things:

  • Concerts
  • Cooking
  • Animals
  • Shopping Online
  • Long car rides with fun music
  • Hanging out with friends
  • Getting swept up in a "fad." It makes looking back more fun!